Terms and Conditions


MLGW appreciates customers who establish and maintain good pay records.  Customers with 24 consecutive months ofservice beginning when the deposit was established may be eligible for a deposit refund.  MLGW will refund Residential deposits within 30 days, based on A-Rating with the following conditions: no arrearsbalance; no delinquent service order generation during the previous 24-month period; no delinquent reconnects during the previous 24 month period; no returned checks, stopped payments, or credit card reversals in the previous 24-month; period. No active payment plans; no bad debt (debt subject to collection agency assignment) within the previous 72-months; no missed payments arrangements (i.e. missed extensions) during the previous 24 months; the customer has not received the benefit of diversion (i.e. theft/any tampering with wires, pipes, meter or other service equipment within the previous 72-months); poor payment history. If your pay record does not meet these requirements, your deposit(s) will be held until utility services are terminated and applied to your final bill.


The undersigned(s) hereby makes application for utility service(s) and agrees to pay for said service(s) as measured by Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division’s metering devices in accordance with the application rates and charges as specified in MLGW’s rate schedule for the above account and any account requested by the undersigned from MLGW. The customer agrees to allow right of access to MLGW’s agent(s) on the customer’s premises at all reasonable times and for necessary purposes. The undersigned(s) assume responsibility of service beginning from connection date or until MLGW is properly notified of cancellation of service, and agree that all billing rendered by said company shall be due and payable as per the bill. Failure to receive a bill does not release a customer from payment obligations. The customer shall pay all collections expenses, attorney fees and court cost if payment is delinquent due to fraud, default or failure to perform the obligations incurred and set forth in this agreement. It is agreed by the customer and MLGW that this contract shall apply to the original address of the customer and to all future addresses of the customer which receive service from MLGW. Information submitted to MLGW in this service agreement is correct and true to the best of the undersigned(s) knowledge and belief.


If a customer or individual within the household is dependent on 24 hour electrical operating equipment to sustain life, medical certification of the health condition and the type of equipment used must be provided to MLGW. MLGW will determine and contact the customer if the equipment qualifies for the Life Support Program. This program alerts MLGW’s distribution area of the urgent need for electricity on the premise. MLGW shall not be responsible for damages incurred due to lack of service. The Life Support Program does not relieve the customer from full payment of utility bills.

The undersigned hereby consents to being contacted by telephone by MLGW employees or our agents regarding your account. In the event that your account goes into default, this contact may be from a Debt Collection Service in an attempt to collect the debt. You agree that we or our agents may place such calls using an automated dialing/announcing technique. You agree that we or our agents may make such calls to a mobile telephone or other similar device. You agree that we may, for training purposes or to evaluate the quality of our service, listen to and record conversations you have with us or our agents.