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MLGW Smart Grid Demonstration

MLGW is seeking approximately 1,000 residential volunteers to participate in a three-year Smart Grid Demonstration, beginning in summer 2010. There is no geographic requirement - volunteers can live anywhere in Shelby County, provided the area has adequate cellular coverage. Each participant will have their existing MLGW electric meter replaced with an advanced electric meter. One of the goals of the demonstration is to see how access to more energy information affects energy use, so various forms of communication will be used. Some participants will receive an in-home display that shows electricity use and cost in near-real time. Participants with Internet access will be able to view their electric use and cost patterns online through a new section in MLGW's My Account web service. Other participants may receive reports about their electric use and cost. Since customer feedback is essential, participants are required to respond to surveys about their experiences. Participants also may be invited to attend focus groups.

The application period for participating in the Smart Grid Meters demonstration project is over. Thank you for your interest.

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