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This is the form for reporting a new streetlight outage. If you want to check on a previously reported outage, please click here.

Alternately, you may call (901) 820-7878 to report a streetlight outage or to inquire about a previously reported streetlight outage.

Please complete as much of the following information as you can, to the best of your knowledge. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. We will process your maintenance request and schedule repairs as soon as possible. To avoid delays in processing, please do not make a duplicate request by phone. Please allow 5-7 business days, weather permitting, for repairs to be made.

  1. Address of street light*:
    Number Direction Street Name Suffix Direction Apt / Suite Number

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    Intersection of street light: and

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  2. Pole number:    Use item 6 to enter multiple pole numbers.

  3.   Examples of pole types and pole number locations
    NOTE: These are sample numbers. The number you enter will be different.

  4. Is the light*: A Leased Outdoor Light | A Street Light

  5. If the light is a Leased Outsoor Light, is it*:

      Rear of property*: Yes No  

      Commercial? (Please mark pole with colored tape)
        Type of commercial light:*
      Business Name*
      Church Name*
           Apartment Complex
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  6. Is the light easily accessible?* Yes | No

  7. If "No", please describe (fence, dog, etc.):

  8. Problem*:
    Single Light Out
    Entire Block of Streetlights Out
    Dayburner (light is on during the day)
  9. Light Flickers
    Cycling Problem (light goes on and off)
    Parking Lot Out

  10. Can you provide any other information that could be helpful?
    Multiple pole number outages should be listed here, along with the actual location
    of the poles (particularly in apartment complexes).

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  12. Approximate length of time since the problem began:

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